Circular Economy
Why Policy matters

Tackle your future challenges and identify opportunities by working through Circular Economy issues

Together with Eveline Lemke, founder of Thinking Circular and former Green Minister of Economic Affairs in Rhineland-Palatinate, we offer Workshops and Solutions to guide you towards circular economy opportunities.

1. Workshop: Future Frame


This workshop will focus on the political and social aspects of the market that result from global environmental challenges.

Designed as a one-day workshop, it addresses your decision makers. Is your company vision still in line with future challenges?

Workshop Topics:

  • Future global developments that will have an impact on your business
  • Upcoming changes in legislation
  • Circular Economy as a solution to future challenges 
  • Your vision in the future context
  • Strategic process techniques for your company
  • Overcoming obstacles to a strategic process

2. Workshop: Step Check


This workshop is a follow-up to the discuss from the “Future Frame” workshop. Once your vision and mission are set, your internal strategic focus will be clear.

Now you need to ready yourself for an internal process. This 3-day workshop offers a clear path by working with you on the following topics:

Workshop Topics:

  • Readiness check
  • ReSOLVE Check
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Opportunities within the global community and environmental context

3. Process: Next Steps


After identifying challenges along your path to implementing Circular Economy in your business, you’ll need a plan defining all necessary steps.

Through a series of smaller workshops, we’ll create this plan with you.

In doing so, we’ll address the following topics:

  • Culture
  • Product / service
  • Stakeholders
  • Financial structure / resources
  • Management / tools
  • Value chain
  • Value proposal
  • Assess your situation and prepare your decisions based on real substance and sound facts

4. Concept Phase


We can assist you in implementing Circular Economy principles for your long-term business success.

thinkstep offers a wide range of solutions to identify, measure and monitor sustainability performance in the context of Circular Economy.


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  • Eveline Lemke, Sustainability and Circular Economy Expert, Thinking Circular
  • Hannes Partl, Principal Consultant, thinkstep AG



  •  Details upon request


  • Details upon request


About Eveline Lemke:

Eveline Lemke is a consultant, lateral thinker and guide in Circular Economy. Up until 2016, she initiated multiple sustainable projects as the first Green Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Minister-President in Rhineland-Palatinate. She is an expert on energy and raw material transition as well as C2C (“Cradle to Cradle”) eco-design. Lemke is a member of the supervisory board of ABO Wind AG. In 2017, she founded a competence center for circular economy issues: Thinking Circular.


About thinkstep:

thinkstep is a leading provider of software, data and consulting services for product and corporate sustainability. thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our industry-leading software solutions, data and services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. With a global presence in 19 countries, we serve more than 3,000 companies, including over 40 percent of the Fortune 500, such as BASF, Hewlett-Packard, Interface, Siemens and Unilever. SoFi is thinkstep's successful Corporate Sustainability Software.

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