Circular Economy
Calculate your Circularity!

Calculate your Circularity

A powerful tool to quantify, benchmark and communicate the circularity of your products

Key to achieving a circular economy is the development of more “circular” products, but it can be hard to assess what this means in practice or how a company should make the first steps on the path from a linear to a circular model.

Our new GaBi Circularity Toolkit allows the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to be implemented within conventional GaBi LCA models.


The Circularity Toolkit supports you to:

  • Quantify the circularity level of products
  • Measure how efficiently you are transitioning to more circular product systems
  • Integrate circularity as a metric alongside conventional LCA results
  • Benchmark your products internally and against peers
  • Integrate circularity in R&D, design and procurement decisions
  • Communicate in a credible way, create science-based messages and reports


What is the Material Circularity Indicator?

The missing puzzle: how to measure Circularity?

The Circular Economy is a leading concept in the new era of sustainability that seeks to “do more with less”, encouraging resource efficiency by recycling and reusing materials rather than disposing of them at end of life. The Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) provides a way to evaluate the circularity of product systems, making it easier to compare different options and to develop more circular products.

The MCI will increase (show more circularity) if the product system includes a greater proportion of “restorative” material flows (e.g. recycled content or being recycled or reused at end of life) or if the product lifetime is increased or it is used more intensively.

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